design and usefulness

Upcykling is a revolution in recycling, which helps to reduce use of natural resources. It is the process of re-using unwanted materials and making them into high quality products.

How do we make them?


The first thing we do is collect the materials we need. Bike shops and repair shops are our unlimited supplier of used tyre inner tubes. Each tube is unique: it has a different size, thickness, texture and other markings. During cleaning and selection we do not deprive them of these special characteristics.

We want every product to be unique and environmentally friendly. To create comfortable and durable straps for Freaky Goods bags, we visit nearby scrappers for scrap cars that have many useful parts for us.

Banners that ended their life with advertising campaigns, after being removed from buildings, go to our studio. Much of the material comes from organizers of sporting events, concerts and festivals. When emotions have subsided, our artists in silence and peace take up their cleaning, cutting and sewing of our gathered materials.


If you want to know more about Freaky Goods, about our products and services, or to supply feedback, or like to work with us, we are at your service.